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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Honestly, this is how I felt.. Crying in my heart :')

Hey guys.. I'm updating my BR again :) And I did a silly mistake just now.. I accidentally click the ''update my blog'' button to new version and then poof ! My bloggie changes from old to new version WHICH is hard for me to understand.. Ohhmyygadd ! I did the silly mistake again just like my FB that I also accidentally change from Facebook to Timeline.. Which also harder to understand and not cool.. Okayy ? I dislike it.. Okayy.. Enough of saying those website.. I wanna say that have you notice, I've changed my word style ? Well, the old style, Georgia is kinda tricky to read since the size is kinda small so I better choose a bigger word style.. And easier to read too :)

Enough of it ! Urghh ! All my story are running out of the track.. Actly, it's not 'bout the website or the word style that I want to talk 'bout.. I wanna talk 'bout now is my strength.. I'm running out of it.. Ehemm.. Let's start the story.. Well, here goes nothing.. **Taking a deep breath** 10 minutes ago I checked on my inbox in FB and I delete all of the messages from the unknown people that want to know 'bout me more.. You know what I mean.. And as I was deleting those messages, I stopped.. Just stop all of a sudden.. I just don't feel like want to go further and further to the old messages because there, I knew, I would saw my very last conversation with my ex, Mr. Mozoff.. Yes, my last chat a.k.a. conversation of breaking up with him is still in my inbox.. Still stay there for all this while.. I just seem can't erase it and i don't know why.. I'm not moving on you say ? Hey, I AM moving on.. Why do I burned all the stuffed that I bought that day if I'm not moving on..
But, maybe, just maybe.. Maybe it's because it's the last thing that we have.. I mean, the conversation.. It's the last conversation and the last thing that I had with him and I think maybe that's why I don't want to delete it.. To be honest, I want to ! So badly ! But, if only I have the strength to do so then I would.. Let's just say that I would do anything and everything to finish it off.. If only it could make itself vanished forever.. And to be honest, I don't know why I don't have the strength to delete it.. It just a conversation and it would be the last one.. well, it seem to be the last one since he looked like he will never ever talk to me again.. And thanks to Allah for that **I'm evil :D**
But, something seems to be stopping me to do so.. And I don't know what is it ! If only this feeling could vanish, like poof ! And then it will be over + done.. D-O-N-E ! But, nothing is as simple as that.. It's seem unfair.. He happy, in loved and don't forget, living blissfully with his new girlfie while I'm here.. Sitting in front of my dad's lappy, blogging, watching movies, downloading, facebooking, chatting with my friends, not in loved and far far away for being blissful ! The only thing single ladies could do. But, life is 'bout being unfair.. So get on with it Shahr ! 
Life might seems to be unfair but what's important in life is being grateful for all the unfairness.. Right  ?

Well, that's all.. SUS which means See U Soon ;)  

--> Take a deep breath, release it and smile.. Life in a fab lane baby ! <--

XOXO --> Shahryna . Rynn Charboxy ♥ U damn much ! Mwahhx ! ;D

♥ ~ ♥

Delima melanda :(

Hey.. I'm back :) Once again, saya moody.. Urgh ! Balik2 moody ! BS much !! Pa 2 BS ? ermm.. biar lhh sya sedja yang taw.. malas saya maw share2 dalam keadaan moody saya sekarang nye.. Saya rasa matciam kecewa sangatt nye.. Aish.. Why ? 
Here's why.. Tadi kawan saya c Pika bawa saya jumpa suk.. Then saya cakap, sabtu lhh if boleh n c Pika on sedja.. Dya Maw jumpa d Ron's Grill, dya maw rasa nun makan d sana.. Jadi tadi petang saya mula lhh susun ayat lawa2.. Mummy saya bagi jg saya kluar.. Nye perbualan kami :)

Saya : mummy, bulih saya kluar khh sabtu nye ?
Mummy : buat pa ? p mana ? sama sepa ? kenapa juga ? **cukup package knn soalan mummy saya :D**
Saya :  Indada lhh.. C pika bhh 2 maw jumpa saya before dya p study.. Dya maw jadi engineer kunun.. Tuk preparation p oversea.. P makan2 d ron's grill, atas Little Town 2.. Petang lhh mangkalye..
Mummy : ohh.. bhh.. p lhh.. ehh, tapii sabtu nye knn ada kenduri.. 
Saya : ohh.. jadi suk lhh saya keluar.. jam dua jua..
Mummy : ermm.. japp.. mummy befikir dulu.. kalau inda x payah lhh kuar suk, ary kamis sedja sma2 kita keluar.. mummy pun mw kluar jua tyme 2.. mw beli barang tuk kenduri..
Saya : bhh.. bulih jua..

Terus saya on9, gtw c pka khamis jumpa.. last2.. dya yg x blh kuar pasal dya ada kelas memandu tyme ptg.. haiyoyo.. Jadi plan suk lhh mw jumpa nye kunuk kalau dapat...Sekali tadi saya cakap sama mummy sya.. Mummy saya jawab : tengok lhh dulu..
Gantung pnya jawapan.. :( Inda saya taw bulih khh inda..

Pastu, dekat2 jam 6.. Ada lagi 1 kawan saya c Tty inbox fb saya.. Dya maw bawa saya p kaykay.. Berdua shj **mcm mw date sedja** terus jumpa dorg c Nelly **kwn mrsm**.. Like kil two bird with a stone lhh nye cerita dya :D
Jadi saya pun happy lhh kena bawa tapi prob hanya 1.. Kena suruh khh inda sama ma'am besar sya nye.. huhuhu ! lalu saya memaksa lagii otakk saya tuk berfikir dan menyusun ayat BAEK punya.. wahahaha ! fikir punya fikir, tenung punya tenung **seriously, sepanjang saya berfikir 2 saya tenung mum saya sedja**.. Saya tarik nafas dalam2.. fuh ! lepas nafas.. mulut terbuka luas... terbuka dan terbuka dan terbuka dan akhirnya tertutup sendiri.. Inda berani maw cakap.. wahahaha ! mummy saya heran lalu bertanya : adik kenapa ?
saya dengan gagap dan blurr menjawab : teda..

Lalu saya memerah otak lagii.. Fikir punya fikir.. RING RING ! RING RING ! Nah, talipun babunyi.. punya lhh saya tekejut.. tarus hilang segala idea saya yang baekk punya 2.. anduu.. matciam nye.. mummy saya p angkat 2 telipon terus dya becakap lhh **of coz lhh.. inda knn makan 2 talipun =='' **  terus saya tanya..

Saya : baba khh 2 ?
Mummy : eya.. napa ?
Saya : inda.. baba balik nye jumaat khh ? petang khh baba balik ?
Mummy : japp.. 

** terus mummy saya tny baba saya**
Mummy : baba pun x sure.. napa ?
Saya : inda.. jumaat nye c tty bawa saya p kaykay, pagi.. jadi kalau baba balik lmbt, saya ikut baba sedja balik tyme petang 2.. c tty ikut family dy pasal family dy pun p kaykay ary jumaat nye.. cuma petang lhh dorg jalan..
Mummy : ohh.. bhh.. tgk lhh dulu cmna
Saya : okayy

Nah ?? Punya sanang saya becakap.. Susah payah saya susun ayat baek punya sampai terhilang lagi 2 idea.. sanang2 sedja saya cakap tadi.. simple sedja nye.. 2 lhh org bilang, lebih baik jujur... wahahaha ! sekarang tinggal tunggu keputusan durang saja lhh nye.. pasal dua2 pertanyaan saya tadi mummy saya jawap : bhh, tingu lhh dulu cmna..

Wuwuwuwu ! :( bhh.. 2 sedja lhh. bye 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Urghh !!


 Well.. As u can see the word in the picture.. It describe my emosion.. Yes, I'm VERY VERY MOODY right now and I don't know why I felt so.. Tired ? Hell No ! It's impossible that I'm tired.. I'm not going to school or having a job.. I'm DONE with school and I'm pretty much jobless.. I'm just being a lady boss and do nothing at home.. Well, enough of explaining.. 
This emosion makes me tired a lot ! Yes, A LOT ! It makes me feel like want to mad at someone else, want to scream and cry at the same tyme.. It makes me CRAZY !!!!!!! And, thankfully I don't have a boyfie or he'll be stress because of me.. For mad at him, scream **like I have guts to do so** and then cry for no reason.. Then after that, I'm pretty sure that he will broke up with me cause he'll think that he already dated a crazy cute girl **I'm praising myself, so what ?**
I wish someone could help me.. But, then again I realise.. No one can except me, myself and I.. And FYI, this emosion, ehem ! Moody thingy makes me feel 100% tired.. 100% sleepy.. Like the feeling of not sleeping for the whole week.. If you know what I mean.. Which makes me became weirder.. Well, I just have an evening nap this eve so why would I feel so sleepy.. I don't know.. Only Allah S.W.T. knows.. Right ?
Anyway, that's all my lil confession that I wanna share..

P/s : Have you notice that in this post, my English was quite good.. Well, maybe it's just me feeling that way but it really are good.. **There I am, praising myself again and again.. For what reason ? IDK** It's just that, when I write or speak spontaneously w/o thinking and planning of anything or any word that I want to say or write, it would be marvelous and great ! But when I was thinking or planning of something or some word that I wanna say, trust me.. It wont work at all.. Or it will work, but those word that I wrote or say would not be great or marvelous.. Heeehhhhhh.. **Sighing** Hopefully, if I got an interview and in that interview, I HAVE to speak in English, I wish that I would speak marvelously at that time and manage to end the interviewing process well.. 

That's all.. Bye ! Lots of <3     :)

XOXO --> Shahryna . Rynn Charboxy ♥ U damn much ! Mwahhx ! ;D

♥ , ♥

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ze scariest day ever !

Dear Bloggye.. Today I wanna.. Woah ! Woah ! Woah ! Why I write this post in diary-writting style ? Well.. Crazy behavior maybe :I  Ermm.. In this post I'm gonna write in English since I want to prepare myself for the interview in case I got the option a.k.a. course that I kinda want/lyke which will involve in speaking in English.. So, if there's lots of grammar error, so please forgive me.. I'm an amateur, not a pro.. Mind you :)

Well, in this post, I gonna share with y'all 'bout my experience on last Wed, 21st March which means it's the day the SPM result being given to all the candidates.. To be honest, my heart are pounding CRAZILY ! Way more worst than the kind of pounding when you're at the roller-coaster **lyke I'd rite one before =.='' ** So, the day is coming and my heart is pounding non-stop.. So, thanks to the scariest day in my whole lyfe, my blood level gotten normal again **for now** hopefully it will be stay that way :)

Wednesday, where all the SPM candidates 2011 came to the school.. When I got there, I was afraid.. 1st, everyone a.k.a. every junior was looking at me lyke I was the most wanted person that already did loads of crime =.=' 2nd, when I got to my ex school, my friends aren't there yet.. So I had to wait for them with a very scared feeling and kinda shaking legs **they can't see it since I'm wearing baju kurung :)**

After meeting my friends, Din2, Nurul, Pjan, Sharizad and me went to Pasar to meet one of our friend, Pija.. There, we're look the student that escape from school and wandering 'round the town.. Thanks to Allah that police aren't there or we'll end up being questioned..

At almost 10:30 **sort of** we arrived at sch.. Me and Din2 wandering 'round the school, don't know what should we do.. Almost 11, we saw lots of students heading to the school hall to get the result.. At that tyme, my hand were shaking.. No one can see it but I can feel it.. So, we both went to the canteen calling out our classmates, told them to go to the hall.. Actly, we were finding excuses so that we would went to the hall a bit late than others.. FYI, this is my first tyme taking result in school cause when PMR result is given out, it's my aunt that helped me get it cause I weren't here.. I was at Kuching, holiday-ing.. So, since it was my first tyme, and I don't know the way of taking the slip, I kinda nervous, a lot.. Huhu ! 

In the hall, I could feel the heat.. Seriously, it's hot in there.. They didn't switch on the fan ! So, with full of scaredness, and hotness, my friends and I walk together towards the waiting place.. 10 min of waiting, my bestie, Aenn got a msg from her mummy that told her she got 6A and she cried after that cause she didn't achieve her goal of getting 8A's in SPM.. After watching all the heart-breaking scene.. Seriously, I felt lyke I want to cry.. 10 sec later, Karen call out my name, w/o hesitation : "SHAHRINAHHHHH  !!!!!!!! Almost got my heart out my bone ! Oh great ! Why did I was the one being called out this quick ?! Am I the luckiest person on Earth or what !?! I'm trying to pull off my strength and forcing my leg to walk towards my teacher and sit at the chair in front of Miss Tan and ignoring others who was looking at me, nervously.. Until I didn't realize that my besties was right beside me along the taking-slip-process.. After take a look of my SPM slip, I cried after that.. I tried to hold it but I can't.. I took myself to where my friends stood up and they keep asking me "SO ? What did you get ? Tell us !!" And all I can say is "I just get 4" with all the sobering and tears falling down.. Then they say, cheerishly : " WAAAAAA !!! CONGRATS CONGRATS !!" And shaking my hands
 I : "Okayy.. Thanks you all :)" 
Then I went to Evelyn's place..
Evelyn : What are you crying for ? Is it because of you're happy or because you're disappointed ?
Me : ermmm.. **kinda blurr that tyme and I can't think of anything so I answer** 50-50
Then she laugh :D
 I go to the other place to try and hold myself.. But suddenly, my couzy, Pain and my friend and also Mr Mozoff's friend, Padil.. Stood right beside me and take a look at my result.. So there I am.. Once again.. Can't hold my tears.. Ohh myy ! Why am I so weak that tyme ?! My result wasn't bad at all.. My result are 4A 4B and 2C.. It's great, really.. But, I cried because I didn't achieve my target.. I can't make my family proud for getting more A's.. That's why I cried.. 20 minutes of crying and finish calling my family member, my couzy and Padil come and stood beside me again.. And this tyme, they brought friends !! Ohh great !! But I dunno who are they so I don't care bloody hell 'bout them.. :) They once again take a look on my slip and they kinda like it.. Dunno why.. Pain and Padil say they want me to be their Math Tutor since I get A in my math.. And they say my result could make them cry just because of my English get A+.. All I can do at that tyme was laugh.. Yeah, laugh while tears still falling down.. :D All of the sudden, Iman, also my friend and ehem.. Mr.Mozoff's cousin.. came to me and say "Ehh ! It's shahrinah ! So, how you're result ?" I can't answer him that tyme so I look at Padil , give him the signal and Padil pass him my slip.. then he say again : " eeerrr ? why are you crying ?'' So I say : "I was targetting on get 6 A's.. That's why"
All of them : "Ohh.. 
Iman : "But it's okayy.. You're result are good ! Why should you cry ?! Here, let me give you a lil counseling.. Here ! SIT !"
So there he is.. Giving me order and a free counseling.. Along the counseling process, Pain was there too, and he was staring at my pix.. So I warn him not to look at my pix ! He say "Why shouldn't I ? You look cute here.." Then Iman say :"Yeah.. You look cute in that pix and you're result are cute too.. So you should not cry.." And that tyme, I was kinda happy, actually but still, I can't stop my tears.. But all he say was true though.. All he's counseling.. I have to admit it.. It's all true.. But, it's quite long so there's no need for me to write it down.. As long as I remember what he say, then it's okayy :) When he were counseling me, There's nothing I could say.. He was true, I think 'why should I cry'.. This is the best I can get and I already give my all in my SPM.. So I shouldn't be crying and I should be thankful enough :) To be honest, I owe him.. I kinda stop crying because of him.. And of course, my friends.. So, I owe him once and I don't know how can I ever repay him.. If I can't repay him, then I'll pray to Allah, to repay him for his good deeds for helping me.. I don't know why but ever since I broke up with Mr. Mozoff and I told him why we broke up, he helped me a lot.. Actly, to you maybe it's not much but to me it's a lot.. Well, since he was related to Mr.Mozoff so I think he should hate me or keep a distant on me but he didn't.. Anyway, that's enough..

Ermmm.. Whatever it is, Thanks To Allah S.W.T. that I get that result even though I wasn't put fullblast focus on it..Well, that's why I got that not a great result like before.. Suits me then D':

Now, I want to show y'all something.. My pix that was taken after I cried at the hall.. Credit to my bestie, Aenn :)

1A+, 2A, 1A-, 2B+, 2B, 1C+, 1C = 4A 4B 2C = 10 :))
**Sexy eyes, sexy lips.. Kinda cute, ehh ;P**

That's all.. Will be posting soon :))

Monday, 19 March 2012

Ohh yeahh, rabu nye, 21 March 2012 adalah ze scariest day of my lyfe !!!!!!! Hari tuk ambik result spm.. 1 day 2 go T.T Sumpah saya maha takutt dan maha stress dengan itu hall.. Terkadang saya xda selera makan, terkadang saya x dapatt tidur dan terkadang xda mood saya.. Moody glax.glax nye ! Hanya gara.gara fikir result spm saya 2.. macam mna kalau result saya 2 x memuas knn ? bagii saya, saya sudah try my very best tika exam 2 walaupun tika saya SPM 2 saya menghadapi krisis yang amat berat.. Apa 2 ? Hanya kawan.kawan saya yang taw 2 kes.. Saya inda maw share kepada ramaii orang dan saya inda maw ingatt tentang apa yang telah berlaku di masa lalu saya.. Past is past bhh, knn ? :)
Apa.apa pun, just wish me and all my fellow friends yang juga merupa knn SPM candidates 2011 mendapat result yang MANTOPP !!! Aminn :))

XOXO --> Shahryna . Rynn Charboxy ♥ U damn much ! Mwahhx ! ;D

♥ @ ♥

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tahap Cemburu Lelaki yang Wanita Perlu Tahu!

Setiap manusia dilahirkan ke dunia ini pasti pasti dianugerahkan dengan pelbagai perasaan, salah satu perasaan itu ialah CEMBURU..semua orang pasti akan merasakannya namun yang membezakannya seseorang itu ialah cara setiap individu menghadapinya. Pada pasangan yang bercinta cemburu pasti mewarnai pehubungan samaada ke arah positif atau sebaliknya. Cemburu sering dikaitkan dengan golongan wanita, namun perlu korang ketahui juga, cemburu lelaki berselindung disebalik egonya & wajahnya yang selamba~ dalam hati ada taman beb~ ;)

Lelaki aquarius biasanya menggunakan ayat-ayat dalam bentuk sindiran untuk menunjukkan rasa ceburunya. Jangan ingat dia sedang bergurau, namun apabila topik perbualannya tertumpu pada seseorang saja, bermakna ternyatalah dia sedang cemburu.


Lelaki yang paling mulia & baik hati tetapi kuat cemburunya. Tahap cemburunya amat memeranjatkan sekalian kaum hawa yang menjadi kekasihnya. Jika kekasihnya berlaku curang atau yang seangkatan dengannya dia akan menjadi seperti wanita meraung-raung. Air matanya umpama menenggelamkan anda. 


Mempunyai sifat diktator secara semulajadi. Suka mengawal orang lain tidak kira dalam pelbagai perkara dia juga akan menggunakan tenaga & kuasanya untuk menyelesaikannya. Apabila mendapat tahu individu yang boleh mengganggu hubungannya dia akan mengambil tindakan apa saja asalkan individu tersebut tiada peluang untuk merebut kekasihnya. 


Lelaki taurus adalah lelaki yang peramah & sangat jujur. Dia tidak dapat menerima jika anda berbohong terhadapnya. Sekiranya dia mendapat tahu anda keluar dengan lelaki lain, elok prepare alasan yang the best punya.. :) 


Lelaki gemini hanya menganggap cemburu itu suatu permainan sahaja. Dia adalah seorang yang suka bermain-main & tidak serius serta tidak puas dengan apa yang dimilikinya. Dia bencikan cinta secara paksa & seumpamanya malah tidak melepaskan peluang untuk berkenalan dengan wanita lain walaupun telah memiliki kekasih. kesimpulannya perasaan cemburu lelaki gemini ni tak banyak atau kejap jew.. mybe rasa boleh cari lain kot.. =) 


Lelaki cancer ni memiliki perasaan cemburu yang agak tinggi. Dia tidak mahu berjauhan dengan kekasihnya malah selalu mendekati kekasihnya dalam pelbagai situasi, kadangkala di luar jangkaan pula tu~ Ini disebabkan lelaki cancer mempunyai perasaan kekosongan & perasaan risau yang teramatttt sangat. Bayangkan jika kekasihnya meninggalkannya, cemburunya pasti menghuru-harakan mereka berdua & keluarganya..eheh :p namun ianya tidak melebihi batas kerana pemilik bintang cancer mampu mengawal dirinya secara psikologi.


Lelaki leo sangat ego & tabah. dia tidak sesekali cemburu hanya kerana perkara yang remeh. Dia tidak mahu menjatuhkan air mukanya kerana cemburu. Walaupun kekasihnya telah melakukan perkara yang membuatnya marah namu dia akan tetap tenang menghadapinya. 


Cemburu lelaki virgo amat memeranjatkan. Lelaki virgo tidak mempunyai hati yang lapang & pemikiran yang luas. Cemburu adalah menjadi perkara yang kerap dalam kehidupannya. Walaupun dia mencintai kekasihnya namun pergaduhan besar sukar dielakkan kerana sifat cemburunya yang buta. 


Lelaki libra amat mementingkan imejnya yang bertatatertib. Disebabkan cemburu boleh menjejaskan imejnya, maka dia rela mengekalkan imejnya yang baik. Dia kurang menimbulkan perselisihan dengan pasangannya kerana cemburu boleh menjejaskan perhubungan yang baik serta penampilannya. 


Semakin dalam cinta terhadap kekasih maka semakin kuatlah perasaan cemburunya. Inilah yang menggambarkan lelaki scorpio. Dia menghormati & mencintai sepenuh hati terhadap kekasihnya. Hebat kan? namun perasaan cemburu tidak kurang hebatnya. Sekiranya kekasihnya menunjukkan walau sedikit kemusykilan maka terserlahlah cemburunya. 


Lelaki sagitarius dilihat seorang yang tenang namun dia juga boleh merasa cemburu. Lelaki sagitarius digambarkan seorang yang terlalu cepat merasa cemburu namun cemburunya juga cepat reda apabila mengetahui hal yang sebenar. Tetapi apabila dia mempunyai matlamat baru tak kiralah ke arah positif untuk dirinya atau sebaliknya, dia akan meninggalkan kekasihnya yang sering membuatnya cemburu dengan wajah yang tenang. 


Lelaki capricon mempunyai sikap yang pesimistik, maksudnya bersikap atau berpandangan mudah putus harap, cenderung melihat keburukan sesuatu, segera merasa kecewa atau hilang kepercayaan terhadap sesuatu. Apabila merasa cemburu, dia tidak akan menunjukkan perasaan itu terhadap kekasihnya, sebaliknya melepaskan ketidakpuasan hatinya terhadap perkara lain seperti sukan dan di tempat kerja.

Copy paste from -> http://sixmeans.blogspot.com/

Goodbye memories

Hey ! This is another kind off ridiculous post from me.. :) Well, I wanna share this stupid thing that I've done last week **If I'm not mistaken** The stupid and ridiculous act that I've done is, I've burned my ex's stuff.. Yes, my ex, Mr. Mozoff's stuff.. Well, not all of his stuff.. It just the stuff that I bought for both of us.. Like all the sweet and very-in-love couple do.. Buying stuff for both of them so that they will owned the same thing.. Right ? Okayy, back to traill.. I've burned everything that I bought for us.. EVERY ! Including his and our pixcha.. If you don't trust me, then I'll proved it to you just 'bout few minutes later.. So that you'll know that I'm not lying.. Why did I burned it ? Well, it's nothing really.. But I just feel like want to burn something up.. Like lil kids, want to play fire.. Burn something up and be proud of themselves.. So, I got an idea.. I ran up-stair like there's an emergency going on, grab the stuff that I bought for both of us.. Ran down-stair again, grab my brother's match, search for the safest place to burn things up and there I go, preparing and arranging those stuff and start the fire.. There I go, burning his stuff happily and feel proud of myself.. I feel like a lil kid again.. And FYI, I have the courage to burn those stuff because my mummy and kak sal aren't at house.. A.k.a. I left alone there ^^V

So, I waited the stuff to burned and became ashes so I can snap it.. For it to became prove for all of you.. I just snap it for me to put it in my blog.. After this, I swear to you that I will delete it and will never see that pixes again.. I don't want to remember 'bout my silly act.. Ohh yeah, that silly, stupid and ridiculous act is done at 29 February.. hee ! Actly, there is one reason why I burned those stuff that I bought for both of us.. Because I want to forget all the thing that we owned together.. I don't want to remember that we owned the same thing before.. Like we have the same stuff to show that we were madly in love with each other.. I dislike those memories.. No ! I hate it ! I don't want to remember how much money, how much energy and also how much time do I wasted just to buy us that stuff ! I DON'T WANT TO ! Maybe some of you understand me, maybe some don't.. But, to tell you the truth, after I burnt those stuff.. I felt delighted ! I felt very happy ! Like one of my burden has loosen and make my shoulder felt so light.. IDK why but I just feel so.. It's makes me feel very relieve.. And relax.. It's true ! I'm not lying ! I wonder if he do the same thing as me, burning the stuff that he bought for both of us just to forget the memories.. Well, whateve.. He's happy anyway.. He got a new girl and will make a new memories with her.. I know that one day, memories of us **him and I** will be forgotten, for the rest of his lyfe.. I'm sure if it.. :)

Ermm.. Okayy.. That's all then.. Enough of story-telling.. Now let me show you the 'prove' ;P

~ Before ~


Saw his pix ? And our keychain that have our name -> Shahryef <- on it :I

~ In the burning process ~

Goodbye, love.. :') **Kesian 2 domo.. Kepada Domo-lover, sorry okayy**

Maw abis sudah

~ After ~


Everything turn into ashes ~

Well, that's the end of it.. To tell you the truth, I did cry along the burning process.. I felt like something has been grab from me, stolen from me.. Like I lost something that is very precious to me.. Well, those things really are precious to me but it's my decision and it had already been done.. There's no turning back.. What done has to be done.. Just like what had happen to our relationship.. This is the thing that helped me move on, despite of getting helped from my besties.. They're helped me so much I don't know how to pay their good deeds.. But there's one thing for sure, I can never forget him, can never forget the memories that we had together and can never completely hate him.. He just different from the others.. Have the different way of loving me and had the different way of stab my back.. One word can describe him 
~> Unique <~ 
And there's other thing I can't understand of, what the heck is wrong with my playlist ?? The one in my blog ?? Because everytime, I repeat, EVERYTIME I wrote something 'bout Mr. Mozoff, the playlist would automatically play the song -> Cinta Dan Benci <- Like it know how I felt.. But, whateve lhh.. That's the end of this post.. :)

XOXO --> Shahryna . Rynn Charboxy ♥ U damn much ! Mwahhx ! ;D

♥ o ♥

Quite disappointing experience

Warning : This post is quiet long so be prepare and don't complain if you're getting tired if reading it..

I'm back !! Updating my BR ;P Well, many ppl seems to be confuse.. What is  BR ? BR is BloggeR ! I made it myself though.. If others want to follow it then it's okayy.. I'm fine with it bhh.. :)

Well, I wanna tell you a story of my experince todayy.. I got up at 9 am which is VERY early for me since I quit my job.. Since I quit, my mummy kinda regret for telling me to quit that early.. Why ? Because one : I always stick onto my mummy or my baba's lappye.. Two : I slept so late.. VERY late.. Example ? Early = 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.. Late = 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning.. Well, if you know what I mean.. I'm not quiet good in english, you know.. But I just want to speak in this language to improve my skills ;)

So, enough of my wake-up-early story.. Then, I go to bath and have a lil bit bun for breakfast.. I woke up early because my parents told me to go to Kung Ming, my former primary school to apply a temporary teaching job there.. Actly it's my former teacher that gimme this idea so my parents became so excited with the news and they're the one that is Ze Most Excited People all over the world.. more excited than I am.. I want this job because being a teacher ismy childhood dream but I just don't feel like applying it.. Because I don't have my SPM result yet ! But, it's worth to try right ? At 10 we went to Kung Ming, I went to the Staffroom to find Teacher Xu Ai Len **still remember her name til now :'D ** but she's not there.. So I asked my other former teacher, Teacher Margaret.. When she looked at me, her jaw dropped a lil bit which makes me uneasy because I thought there's something wrong with my physical appearance ! After few minutes of waiting.. We have our lil conversation.. **I translate it from BC to BI ^^V **

T. Margaret : Ehh ! It's you !! Long time no see ohh !! You have becoming a Liang moii !
Me : **blushed a lil bit and smile at her** Thanks teacher **smiley face** Ermm.. Is there Teacher Xu ?
T. Margaret : xu ? Xu Ai Len ? 
Me : Yeah yeah ! It's her ! Is she here ?
T. Margaret : Ermm.. She's not here.. I think she's having a class.. 
Me : Ohh.. Until when is her class ?
T. Margaret : Ermm.. Let's see.. But wait aarr.. I'm arranging the exam paper..
Me : Ohh ! Sorry I'm disturbing !
T. Margaret : It's okayy.. Ermm.. Let's go to her desk..
And we're headed over T. Xu desk..

T. Margaret : It's until 10:30 a.m. Could you wait ?
Me : Ohh ! Sure ! I will wait her outside, at the canteen.. Thanks a lot yeah teacher !
T. Margaret : Okayy.. Your welcome.. Btw, before you go, why did you want to find her ?
Me : **thinking should I told her or not** Ermm.. There's something that I want to discuss.. 
T. Margaret : Ohh.. Okayy then..

And we say our goodbyes.. So I went to the canteen waiting for T. Xu.. Few minutes later, she shows up and I ask her whether I can be a temporary teacher there.. But the answer is quiet disappoint me.. I can't.. As long as I don't have the SPM slip, I can't apply that job.. They do need teacher but they don't quiet have the guts to gimme the job since I don't have any slip to show them.. Well, I do.. but, it's PMR slip and it's gonna be useless.. So there I go.. In disappointing and down mood, walk out of the school with Kak sal.. Truly I'm disappointing but maybe it's not my rezeki to apply that job.. **trying to think positive and smile.. there's no use of being angry right ?**

Kak sal brought me to Pasar and there I met Nurul **my ex-schoolmate**, Pija **also my ex-schoolmate** and Dianie **my ex-classmate** But above all, they're still my friend though.. :D And I walked towards them while Kak Sal go to do her bussiness with her anak buah.. And when I approached them, the first thing they said to me is : You looked like a big sys.. And they laugh.. Do I really look that mature to them =.="

After that, my mummy send us to Y&L to buy the stuff that my sister told me to buy for her.. So we went shopping for almost 1 hour.. **That is a very long tyme ! **

At 12, we went home..

The end..

P/s : Don't you think that my post is like writing an essay with loads and loads of grammar error..  Goddamn great ! =.=!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

New hair New lyfe

Hey, I forgot to tell you.. I've got my hair cut !! Kinda nice right.. Well, that's for me lhh.. For you all, I don't quite sure.. It's your opinion and your right to feel and think.. But for me, I LOVED IT and that's enough for me.. My couzy, Hanz also liked it too.. And also my bestie, Dianie.. She said I looked lyke a Chinese-Japanese girl.. Japan girl sasat.. Hahaha ! Pastu tyme I cut my hair, my mummy told me to rebond my hair and I kinda shock !! Sangatt.sangatt shock ! Pasal tetiba sedja kena suruh rebond.. Tapi saya refuse to pasal my hair sudah original straight x knn mw kc straight lagii.. maha rosak nanti crown saya nye.. huhu ! so saya minta tolong kasih iron sedja lhh.. baru 2, yang my hair.cutter 2 handsome ! x lhh sangatt tapii ada rupa lhh.. hee.. maluu saya ohh maw bertentang mata sama dya.. huhu ! ehemm ! Well, there's another pixez of me so, enjoy the show.. ;)

Kinda blurr ~

I look mature.. Don't I ? :I

XOXO --> Shahryna . Rynn Charboxy ♥ U damn much ! Mwahhx ! ;D

♥ _ ♥

Sketsa hari itu

Hey, lama sangatt sudah x blogging knn ? Huhu ! Todayy saya maw blogging pasal sketsa hari tu tyme couzy.couzy saya bawa saya p main pool d CP tingkat 8.. Well, to tell you the truth, saya newbie dalam game nye.. Nye kali kedua couzy saya bawa saya p main pool dan saya langsung x pandaii main pool.. LANGSUNG okayy.. Hee ! So, kami p 8th floor lhh, p sana, book meja **maw book or x saya x taw pasal semua process d buatt oleh couzy saya ==" ** 
Dan kami p meja paling ujung.. Ada dua orang lelaki B-Boy **couzy saya lhh yang cakap dya 2 B-Boy, saya kasih ya sedja** hye.hye then nguratt saya.. Saya senyum x ikhlas sedja lhh.. huhu ! and x lama kemudian kami start main lhh.. and saya lhh paling ngok.ngek style main dya antara mereka kerana saya nye maklum lhh, newbie.. Hoho ! And saya masih ingat lagii, couzy saya c Boboy tanya saya .......

Boboy : Kaw maw men bola pa ?
Saya : Bola ?? **dengan muka blurr**
Boboy : ya, bola.. kecik khh besar ?
Saya : ha ??!! **dengan muka maha blurr** kenapa dengan bola 2 ? sama sedja size dya saya tengok **setelah mem-focus dan men-zoom mata saya memerhati knn size.size bola 2..**

Terus para couzy saya ketawa berabis nye.. Anduu bhh.. Kuyakk nya saya..  Huhuhu ! Terus dorang ajar lhh saya cara2 saya mainn.. Dan kamu ingatt knn yang saya mention our pool table di ujung sekali.. dan to be honest, meja kami lhh juga yang paling bising.. Sepa yang buat bising ?? saya lhh.. sepa lagii.. Hahaha ! Pasal, tyme kami mainn 2, asal sedja saya maw hit on the ball, mesti saya bising duluan.. Bola 2 masuk x masuk mesti saya bising.. Kalau inda masukk, saya cakap saya inda sayang para couzy saya.. Then if masuk, saya akan keriangan macam orang yang dapat kasih masuk kelapan-lapan bola sekali gus.. Ciann.. Hahhaa ! Tapii, yang paling penting.. I Have a very good tyme hang-out with them.. :D 
Can't wait to hang-out with them again.. Pasal saya sukaa sangatt hang-out sama my favourite people..

That's all :)