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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mr Capital S

Hrrmm. Him. Mr Capital S. The guy that I knew since that day I went to the g**. I saw him there, standing at the side, he's like looking at us and smiling so I ignore him since I don't know whose he looking at =.= So, I just continue my exercising activity at the g** until it's almost 7 and we all want to head back to the dorm but before we head back. I wanna try the dumbbell. Oh heck. Enough speaking. Penat saya berfikir ayat. Bekulut utakk. Huhu. Saya minta rosanne tu dumbbell ntah berapa kg 2. Ngam2 dy pn ada dekat sana, dy suruh saya angkat 2 pemberat yg pnjg 2 (xtaw apa namanya) so saya angkat lah. 10kg ja pun. X berat tp pas angkat 2, maw taw sedja keperitan dan kesakitan d tangan 2. huhu. So saya start kenal dya dari sana ^^V Then masa Dinner MPP 'Malam Muhibbah', dya p meja saya, tnya blh duduk sebelah saya kh x, saya kc sedja lh since there's no one sitting there. So kami cerita2 cam rapat berabis nye. Hoho. N entah kenapa ttba c Wawa kasih saya pnya clutch sma dya. Terus dya nemaw kasih saya balikk sampai lh bas ambil kami datang. Dya maw balik baru dya kasih saya 2 clutch. Seriously, I'm tired of trying to get the clutch from him. Huhu. So, since then, kami exchange phone number and texting lah. Now dya balik sdh, cuti sdh dya and honestly I missed him. Ada cerita b4 dya balik. That day, last paper dorang bh, I still remember, it's 16 May. Pas kami MLT sem 1 habis meeting (time 2 kmi xda paper sdh), we all pegi cafe d Blok Orkid. Tetiba he call me, asking me where I am. So i told him, "di cafe blok orkid' and dya gtaw saya dya maw p tmpat saya. Ingat dya just joking so saya ignore lah. Skali tgk, betul2 ada okay ! Dya p jumpa saya sebab dya tyme 2 maw balik sudah. Seriously saya touched sebab I'm the last person he met before he went home walaupun pada saat dan ketika itu dya sangat rushing. Huhu. Tapi, after what happened to me, my heart had locked. I already put up all the fences and locked it down and my heart had turned to icy cold. Walau apa pun dya buat, mana2 lelaki lah, susah sdh dorang maw dapat hati saya. I have to change thanks to my past. :l

It's ended not long ago

 Hey. Long time no posting ==" Well. Today story is 'bout my relationship that has ended. Remember my last post saying that I'm taken by Mr. N. Well, it already ended. Our relationship only last for 3 weeks and we broke up w/o any argument or fights, if that's what you think. Why would we broke up. Well, I can't tell you the detail cause it's kinda or will embarrass him. Cause he's the one that wanna broke up. Anyhow, it just ended. Now, what's worst, he's blocking me in each and every of his social internet account : Instagram, Facebook. Everything. I just know what he's motif was. He made all those un-logic decision and action like I'm the one that wanna end our relationship and like I'm the one doing mistakes here. But it's okay. I'll let him off and be happy with her cause I know, karma will help me. I'm not holding grudge, revenge or vengeance. I'm a forgiving kind off person but I still believe that no matter when and where he goes, karma will always stay by his side, chasing after him, waiting for the right moment to make him feel what I felt before ;)

*27th March - 18th April*