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Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Fabulous Life

Olla people. It's been a while since I wrote my last post. Quite busy these days so sorry for the delay :P

Just wanna share 'bout my 'singleness' that already achieve its 1st anniversary yesterday. Haha.

Well, life as a single girl is superb awesome ! You don't have to worry 'bout anything. You can do anything & everything that you want to. & you won't be stressful cause you don't have to fight with your bf. Right. But yet, sometimes you can feel the loneliness, you know. As a student in KML, I've seen lovebirds every day all over the college. You can see them dating in the cafeteria, lecture hall, tutorial class, bus stop and even at the ATM machine. Nice, huh ?

Seeing those 'events' sometimes makes me feel like wanna fall in love again. When I'm at the cafeteria & saw someone dating in front of me, it makes me feel like I wanna drag my friend, Ayas, that always hang-out with me N Karento be my temporary boyfriend. OR I'll drag my classmates and forced them to be my bf for a while. Just because of my jealousy. N sometimes I'll tell Ferris to find me a boyfriend. Quite crazy, isn't it. Haha.

But, I get a hold of myself from doing, finding, dragging and forcing other guy from being my boyfie. Haha.

But, I already get use to my life as a single girl. No text came late at night, No late night phone calls, no arguing, no need to reload my phone all the time. And loads of benefits ^^V

Whatever it is, I'll enjoy my life to the fullest till the end ;)