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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Broken hearted

Saya speechless. Heart broken okay. Muka saya kena cakap banyak d sana sini ? Hina sangatt kh saya nye sampai kena cakap cm tu ? Benda nye saya pendam sedja. My roommate heran saya ttba nangis but nasib at the same time I watch a movie so I can pretend that I cried sb tgk movie tu. Seriously sakit aty nye bila baca. Yes dya handsome n muka saya nye besa sedja.  Tp tolong, mw hina 2 jangan lh cakap muka sya nye BANYAK d sana sini. I know I just an ordinary person compared to him. Saya bukan cm perempuan lain. Ayu, chantik. But, apa saya boleh comment. Dah itu fikiran dorang kan ? dah itu yang dorang judge saya, terima sedja lah. even though it's hurting me. But I'll try hide it from everyone. :')
Pretending To Be Strong. Pretending To Be Happy. I felt like I'm fake now. Pretending in everything. :'(

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Taken by Mr. N *wink*

Hey everyone. Another new post. It's 'bout the end of my singleness =D Felt very happy 'bout it ;) Well, I'm taken by Mr. N (can't mention his real name though cz we haven't ready to reveal it to the world :P) 
How we met ? How we know each other ? How we contact each other ? How he 'propose' ? Well, I'm 'bout to tell you :P
Actually, we know each other since we're in secondary school but at that time we were just know each other's name, FB, and we just have a conversation on facebook like comment each others post. So it can be said that we're not close at the beginning. 
Then, I still remember on the 30th December 2012, it was the time that everyone of us have to fly to Kuching (SPA). At the airport, I saw him. But I just smile and do my own business. But then, he call my name (full name kay) and ask me where did I get the ticket so I show him the way. So, it can be said that, that's our first F2F conversation. Haha. :D
And then, our 2nd meet up. When we have our mid-term break, on 2nd to 10th march. I was at the airport (2nd march), alone and bored cause I got there too early. My flight was at 1.35 pm but I'm at the airport at 7:30 am. So can u imagine what would you do when you were left alone at the airport for a very long time. Cause every one of my friends already 'fly' to their own hometown. so, as a conclusion, I went to Starbucks and online. But, unfortunately, no wifi provided == So, I was just sitting there, drink my Choc Blend n watch Vamp Diaries Season 4. Then, my classmate came and she hang out with me for a few minutes. Then, when it's almost 12, I brought her to go to the counter n check-in. After that, I went to 'bag-dropped' my luggage. That's when I met him. Well, TBH, when I pushed my trolley, I don't even look left n right. But suddenly, my heart told me to look at this 1 guy. Which makes me feels awkward so I look at 'that guy' and it happens to be him (Mr. N) Both of us were shock at the first time and guess what, we were in the same flight ! So we went into the plane alone. I never thought that he would want to go into the plane together with me since it was unplanned and we're not that close but he just waits me when I'm having 'trouble' at the custom check (stupid people). So at that time, lots of people looking at us and they like making a signal that we are couples that went back together. =.=' So, KKIA, he ask for my phone number cause we promised to go back together :) Guess what, our flight to kuching were also at the same time, same date. Shocking huh ? Just like the story of love novel or love story :D 
9th march, the date we went back to Kuching, we met at KKIA lh. Then when we're arrive at Kuching International Airport, what he'd done to me made me touched and wanna cry. Why ? Well, at the airport, my bro's friend (apiz) haven't arrived yet and Mr. N's friend is already there. So I physically and mentally prepared that he will leave me alone there. But no, he didn't. Instead, he's waiting for me and ask "is your bro's friend here yet ?" I said not yet. N then 5-7 minutes later, Apiz came so I told him that I'm going home. N he's giving me lots of advice like be careful, take good care of yourself n dot3. So, i went out and wave at Apiz. And shockingly, he waited until he sees Apiz's cars. After he saw apiz, he started to go back. Weird huh ? So, we started texting each other at the very same night. Until today. 
He propose me on 27th March. A very special, sweet and memorable date. Why ? Can't tell you :P First, he say this to me. 
Him : "I have something to tell you :*"
Me : "What is it ?"
Him : "Can I love you more than a friend from now on ? Not as TTM but more than that ?"
Me : "Oh. Sure you can ;)"
Him : "Really ?? So I'm accepted ?  :D"
Me: "Yeah, really. You are accepted :) It just that there's one thing I wanna tell u and ask you to do"
Him : "Oh. Okay. What is it ?
Me : " I want you to meet my brother and sister. Cause they told me before, that if there's a guy want me, they want me to bring him to meet them. And I already promised it to him :)"
Him : "Oh ? If that's the case, then I'll be brave when I have to meet them. Is it now, that I have to meet them ?"
Me : "It's kind off a will from them. So do you really n seriously wanna meet my siblings ?"
Him : "i see. yeah. If that's the condition then I'll do it :)"
And I'm happy after hearing that :'D
*1 year and 5 months, and my life as a single girl has ended ;)*
Dedicated to : Faiqah And Tty Lim ;)

No more FK

 Hey. Good morning n happy holiday guys (It's Good Friday). Well, saya just maw share 1 thing. The guy that I mentioned bfore, the guy that I call FK. We have no connection already. Why ? There's a lot of reason why. 
1. He's being rude 2 me. Bersikap agak kurang ajar okayy. Saya xda reply text dya, lalu dia memanggil sya 'hoi!!' Oh my ?! Lelaki bgni kh yg sya perlu jadikan boyfie ? 
2. Terlalu kuat jeles. Kami blm couple sdh dy kongkong sya dar buat itu dan ini. Blm lg couple. N saya sdh penat + serik mengurus org kuat jeles nye. Penat tw ! Huhu.
3. Then when I didn't reply his text, naaaa, muncul lh sgala mcm tuduhan dya sma saya. Pdhl bila dy x rep text sya, sya chillax sedja nye. Teda juga tuduh dy apa2. huhu ==
4. Dy x serius mw saya. Yes, mmg btul dy ckp mw call abg saya, but when we met n I tried to give him my brother's phone number, he refuse to take it. Dy maw juga sya sms bg dy 2 number abg sya. Siap mnta tlg sya lg, pa mw d cakap sma abg saya. f cmtu better saya couple dgn diri sya sndiri f ayat 2 saya yg fikir. gpun my couzy already help him bh but he still ask me what to say, blk2 nye. F he really serious, dy akan ambil perhatian bh 2. So I can see lh, dya nye jenis yg mw have fun sedja. So i better be off before it's too late sbb I'm the kind of person that into serious relationship. not puppy love.