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Sunday, 27 January 2013

The competition

Hey. Another post coming up. Lupa bh mw gtw. Ary 2 a.k.a. 19 Jan, saya join King N Queen Competition 4 welcoming junior party. Diadakan oleh Kelab Kempen Kesihatan. Best 2 best lh jg. Dapat lh saya merealisasikan impian saya menjadi seorang model d atas pentas. haha. 2 pn join sbb suka2. just 2 have fun :D then, the next day. saya ikut 2 pertandingan busana muslimah. sot2 eh. padahal xda muka alim pn p ikut bh. n u know what, saya mnang 2 ptndingan busana muslimah ! dapat no 3 beb ! haha. yg queen n king 2 kalah lh sb pakai sorakan kn. 4 sure MA menang. hoho. tp x kesah. yg penting we have fun and make new friends *wink*

The Defeated yet awesome Kings


Yeah bebeh ! Model in the house ! Haha :P


Charmine, Me, Rodi n Tharwan :)

The Awesome Queen


My partner, the king @ Russell :)


Ze Awesome MLT Trainee K1/2013

Us, once again -> The Queen

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Days At KSKB

Assalamualaikum and Hye y'all :)

Hey guys. It's been a very long tyme since my last post. Got no tyme at all so that's why. Besides, I'm not a 'blogger tegar' so I'm not really care 'bout it at all. Haha. Btw, it's almost a month since I'm officially became a trainee at Kolej Sains Keihatan Bersekutu, Kuching ! Yeah, kuching baby. I'm excited to be here ! Cz I'll get the opportunity to know new place, experienced to lived far from my home. And thanks to Allah that I got at Kuching cz actually I already familiar a lil bit 'bout the town. So, I'm not really worried 'bout it. Compare to being at KL. And here, I got lots of new friends that sporting, kind, supportive, co=operative, crazy *like me* and lots more. I'm happy. But, TBH, friends and roommates is the main thing that I've worried 'bout b4 I came here. Cz I'm afraid of their personality but syukur alhamdulillah it's not like what I had in mind. Hee. ^^ We start live here since 30 december, took off at 11:30 pm. Feel sad at that time. I can see my brother's eyes were almost cried bfore I took off. I wanna cry too but I tried to be strong. Act strong. Let them know, there's nothing to be worried 'bout. That I can live there all by myself. But deeply, if I can. I wanna stop that time so that I can spend a lot of time with them. Plus, now, I can only go back to sabah at June. Sadly. I'm really sad 'bout it. I really wanna meet them but i can't due to some problem. Now I know how my friends from sarawak felt when they were studying at matrix. huhu. anyhow, i have to be strong and keep on surviving here. Everyone here are nice to me, treat me like a family member to them so that's relieve me a bit . plus, i got someone that can monitor me here so it's okay :') Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I wanna show you my college :)

 IDK where is it taken from ^^

 Taken from the Piazza, a round-about in the middle of our college. Which is near to my block, and Piazza is the place where love birds always date. Kekeke :P